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Marker and Tag Software available from Panduit

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Panduit , developer and supplier of leading-edge solutions designed to help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility, and operational efficiency, introduces the Marker and Tag Software.

Thanks to this specific software, customers can create Electrical Markers, Pipe Markers and Tags in  English, Spanish and in both languages with their own computer.

The Just-in-time marker and tag systems do not require any instruction manual. Customers only need to select from over 500 defined ANSI, IIAR(Ammonia Refrigeration) and Medical Gaspipe marker legends or create their own custom legends in minutes.

These marker and tags systems are extremely easy to install and require the following platforms: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or greater, 386, 4 MB RAM for Windows 3.1 and 3.11: 8 MBRAM for Windows 95; 5 MB hard drive space.

A convenient Category Pull Down Menu allows users to choose from over 10 categories such as chemical, electrical , IIAR, etc. or create up to 5 custom categories while also allowing them to identify
key components such as colour, pictograph,  header (if applicable) and legend.

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