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PC120 Carton Machine from PAKSMART Machinery

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The PC120, available from PAKSMART Machinery , is a continuous motion horizontal carton machine (Cartoner) that is capable of 120 cycles/min. This makes it suitable for most moderate production requirements. The PC120 is available in both automatic load (barrel cam) and hand load models. The hand load version features a loading station that comfortably accommodates 2 operators for high speeds. The automatic version is suitable for higher levels of automation.

As with all PAKSMART Cartoners, the PC120 uses the latest servo motor technology. This reduces mechanical linkages resulting in less wear and maintenance requirements. The servo drives also control all machine functions for improved reliability and performance.

The rotary pick and place carton erector offers high speed efficiency with a generous size range. The 1.2m powered magazine extends running time which is important at this speed. Fast and accurate size change was a high priority in the design of the PC120.

It features digital readouts on all hand-crank adjustments and the carton flights are automatically servo adjusted on the operator’s HMI panel. The HMI panel also assists the operator with reports on machine status, size settings, fault finding indicator, troubleshooting and machine testing functions.

The PC120 uses modular construction to allow for an automatic load upgrade and servo sweep product collators and transfers. This means it can expand with production requirements. Other features include a cycle-stop function which means all glued cartons remain in compression reducing product waste. The PC 120 is also more environmentally friendly as all vacuum is generated at the cups reducing compressed air and energy consumption as well as noise.

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