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PAKSMART PC120 carton machine with time efficient cycle stop function

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It is all about time, urgency to the next production run, line efficiency, speed and how long have users got to set up for the next product size run. This common line of thought from the customers prompted the design specification for the latest carton machine in the PAKSMART range.

The PAKSMART PC120 carton machine set about answering the call with its vast array of features. Time to size change is reduced, using a HMI panel to store product specific information such as the recipe menu, timing features for glue, vacuum and machine speed.

The recipe menu takes the operator through a simple numbered step by step size change process with scaled settings indicated on each point of adjustment. The one touch quick size change on the infeed is simple and efficient and it has been adopted across the PC range of automatic carton machines.

The ultimate in time efficiency for size change is the servo system to adjust flight lugs for the carton pitch, just enter the recipe on the HMI panel users are about to run and the machine self adjusts the carton flights with precision, speed and complete safety with no tools required.

Line efficiency has been improved due in part to this accurate size change process but also to the design of the servo driven carton erector, vacuum timing and mechanical offsets are all part of the computer controlled size change recipe. The erector also generates vacuum directly at each cup so the vacuum source is not shared across many vacuum cups. One damaged or worn cup will have a much reduced impact on carton erecting with this system.

Time efficiency and no product waste are features of the cycle stop function on this carton machine. The cycle stop function can be set up to progressively stop up stream machines and then complete the transfer of product into the PC120. As part of the cycle stop feature the erector will complete erecting any cartons it has picked and stop in the ready to pick position for the next start up. The last glued carton will move to an active compression station to prevent any wastage.

Machine restarts after a cycle stop is made easy as there are no cartons to eject due to glue failure. There are no cartons to remove from the erecting area or product without an assigned carton. Another great time saving feature on the HMI panel is machine stoppage indicators showing which guard door is causing a stop or other reasons for a machine stoppage.

Product loading on the PAKSMART PC120 is through the barrel cam which is a progressive load system taken over four stations to handle even the difficult to load or delicate of products. The PAKSMART PC120 has separate servo drives for the erector, the infeed loader and the carton drive. This has minimised the linkages and gear boxes to save on energy and wear and tear. Each drive has a separate overload setting to suit the load it has to deal with a trouble free long life.

Customers can visit PAKSMART at AUSPACK Stand number 246 and discuss how they can tailor a machine package to suit their product requirements.

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