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PAKSMART Machinery’s carton machines on display at Foodpro 2008

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PAKSMART Machinery  is committed to the continued development of its range of carton machinery both with the recent release of the 120 cartons per minute PAKSMART PC120 hand load and auto load machines.

These machines have borrowed much of their technology from the PAKSMART PC40 which PAKSMART Machinery have on show at 2008’s Foodpro with over 30 PAKSMART PC40 carton machines in the field.

The new PAKSMART PC40 will be on display at Stand 3084, Hall 3 and shows some of the enhancements and options that have been developed from PAKSMART Machinery’s engineering and customer feedback.

On display this year the PAKSMART PC40 has hand crank adjustments with digital readouts scaled in millimetres (mm) as well as the operator interface and load failure monitor. Together these three options monitor the machine indicating to the operator not only machine status and test functions but also the fast and accurate size change assistance.

The size change is completed with few tools using hand crank adjustments in most locations. The HMI panel indicating step by step instructions on what adjustment to do next and the relevant setting value in mm reduces the level of skills required to size change the machine.

The fault diagnostics in the HMI panel aids both the operator and service personnel to locate a component failure or a safety fault indicator quickly and effortlessly.

The standard PAKSMART PC40 comes with many feature. These include the one touch infeed bucket adjustment; vacuum override for carton erecting checks; indicators on breakout board for field device checks; separate torque monitoring for machine safety on infeed and carton flights through individual servo motor drives; safety monitoring rated to category three as there are no short cuts when it comes to operator health and safety.

The hand load version of the PAKSMART PC40 also has a light curtain so it will not cycle while the operator is accessing the machine. This system has been incorporated with an auto cycle feature to safely cycle the machine each time the operator loads the carton with product.

Once the product is detected in the carton, the machine will cycle as soon as the operator is clear of the machine, allowing the operator to concentrate on the process of loading cartons without being distracted by palm buttons.

PAKSMART Machinery’s products will be on display at Stand 3084, Hall 3 at Foodpro 2008.

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