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2005 has been a big year for Paksmart Machinery . They have moved into a brand new facility in North Rocks. This larger factory has allowed them to expand manufacturing to meet demand. Paksmart has also launched a new higher speed carton machine.

The Paksmart PC60AL Carton Machine is an intermittent motion horizontal load carton machine automatically loads at speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute.

The PC60 features some new erecting and loading designs to improve speed and efficiency. The use of servo motor drives has dramatically reduced weight, wear and tear in the PC60. Maintenance is reduced with fewer moving parts as well as increased performance and reliability.

The PC60 uses SEW servo motor drives for control of the carton machine, rotary carton erector, bucket in-feed conveyor and product loader.

Smaller individual servo drives are used for each of the dust flap closures as well as one at the loading station to control the leading dust flap during the process of product loading.

Product loading is via a servo driven overhead sweep style transfer and the loaders electronic cam controls the indexing of the in-feed conveyor and carton machine.

New program features include the cycle stop function, which positions all glued cartons in compression preventing reject cartons due to normal machine stops.

Electronic interface panel displays machine status for stoppage indication, speed adjustment, glue shut off timing as well as carton erector offset.

A unique and standard feature of Paksmart’s automatic load carton machines is the in-feed slat conveyor boasting improved efficiency due to the unique design for easy size adjustment.

Other features include easy machine access for operator and maintenance personnel through frameless top to bottom polycarbonate safety doors.

Safety doors are hinged and monitored by interlocking guard switches. The guard switches are checked for correct operation by a multi-channelled safety relay.

Carton erecting from the inclined adjustable magazine is via a twin head rotary pick and place erector. Separate erecting and loading stations are included for higher speed and greater efficiency.

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