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Water soluble laundry and instrument bags for both healthcare and infection control is a new environmental product adopted to avoid the risk of contamination and cross-infection to staff and patients.   

The best method to deal with instruments and laundry that are infected and dirty is to use water soluble packaging to contain the pathogens and infectivity. The infected items (packaging and all) can then be placed into the sterilizing medium which will eliminate any chance of any germinal infection that may result in this process.  

Water-soluble packaging for medicine care is environmentally responsible, and also has good characteristics for wear-resistance and protects the items.      

Partially water soluble “strip” laundry bags      

Totally water soluble STRIP laundry bags are made from degradable film (non water soluble) but are stitched and tied with water soluble materials. These bags are generally placed into 60 deg C water.   

Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags once filled, are transported to the laundry without fear of airborne bacteria, infectious body fluids, blood borne pathogens etc. Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags are placed inside the washer without further handling.

The water soluble seam and the water soluble tie will dissolve in 60 C of water thus exposing the contents for washing. When the washing is completed, the PE bag is taken out to be disposed off or recycled.        

Environmentally Friendly Plastic:      

THIS product is composed of 75 per cent of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA / PVA) and remaining 25 per cent  of compound plasticizers and organic additive.   The PVA is a soluble resin, which polymerization degree is from 1700 to 1800 and the hydrolyzation degree is from 86 % to 99 %.  

The plasticizing agent is a compound system which is mainly composed of high boiling polyhydric alcohol. All the substances are biodegradable and contain no heavy and/or toxic substances.          

Water-soluble film is a “green” environmental product that is used across many industries, and can be constructed to meet your exact application and requirements.  

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