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Looking for a low cost alternative to wooden pallets? Try 100% recycled paperboard pallets

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Ferret.com.au recently ran a series of articles discussing proactive ways manufacturers and distributors can reduce packaging use and embrace more environmentally sustainable packaging materials, with a primary focus on solutions for warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Not all products manufactured locally are to be sold locally, however. Goods destined for export overseas are typically loaded on wooden pallets before being shipped. While wooden pallets tick all the boxes when it comes to durability, increasingly developed countries are requiring that any imported containers that contain wooden pallets be fumigated at the point of dispatch.

This is a costly and time consuming process that can potentially contaminate cargo, so freight forwarders and shipping companies either need to provide additional packaging safeguards for perishable goods, or consider an alternate pallet material.

One such alternative is paperboard pallets, such as those offered by Australian packaging supplier PACKSPEC . The company states that its 100% recycled cardboard pallets represent a breakthrough in modern cardboard construction technology.

Traditionally, the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of paperboard pallets has been their perceived weakness in comparison with wooden pallets. To ensure high strength and performance, PACKSPEC's paper pallets combine strong solid board corner protectors with a patented honeycombing system to deliver a load bearing capacity of 2,000kg static weight.

Further, as they are manufactured from paperboard, the pallets are significantly lighter than the wooden equivalent. PACKSPEC notes that for a typical Australian export pallet (1100x1100x130mm), its paperboard alternative weighs only 6.5kg as opposed to 17kg plus for a wooden equivalent. This decreased weight can provide substantial savings in airfreight costs.

Finally, PACKSPEC paperboard pallets comply with HACCP regulations, and are both ISPM 15 and ISO 14000 Compliant, making them ideal for produce and other food consumable items.

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