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Paperboard Pallets are rapidly becoming the latest shipping solution as key exporters around the world seek low cost, high strength and hygienic palletizing alternatives to wood. Most developed countries now require all shipping containers that contain wooden pallets to be either fumigated at the point of dispatch, that the wood used in the pallets be treated, or preferably that an alternative pallet material be used.  

The process of fumigation has the potential to contaminate some cargos and it is a costly process. Heat treated timber is a popular option, however this is ever increasing In cost as the timber specification required now competes with both the building and furniture industries.  

Added to this, ISPM15 compliance for timber can also very cumbersome with extra administration, paperwork and resource is required to ensure fast release from local Customs & Quarantine services.     

Packspec Paperboard Pallets are a breakthrough in modern cardboard construction technology. Combining strong solid board corner protectors with a patented honeycomb system, our Paperboard Pallets are capable of bearing 2000kg in static weight.

Key features & benefits of Paperboard Pallets:  

  • Lightweight Construction – Weighs only 6.5kg as 
  • Excellent Strength Capabilities – 2000kg static weight capacity. 1600kg dynamic. 
  • 100% Recyclable – Constructed from recycled paper, and 100% recyclable again when disposed of. 
  • Eco Friendly – Easy to dispose of, and environmentally friendly. 
  • Customisation – Pallet sizing can be manufactured to your exact requirement 
  • No Fumigation Required – A major cost and time saving. 
  • Cost Savings – Significantly reduces shipping costs.
  • Hygienic – Paper pallets comply with HACCP regulations. 
  • Packspec Paperboard Pallets are both ISPM 15 and ISO 14000 Compliant

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