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PACKSPEC , a Melbourne based packaging supplier, is the agent and importer of Palion Paperboard Pallets.

Paperboard pallets are rapidly becoming a global shipping phenomenon as exporters around the world seek low cost, high strength and hygienic palletising alternatives to wood.

Increasingly, most developed countries are now requiring that all imported containers that contain wood pallets are either fumigated before dispatch or at entry, or that alternative pallet materials are used.

The process of fumigation may have the potential to contaminate the cargo and is also a significant cost. In addition, compliance is also very cumbersome in terms of administration, paperwork and attention to detail required, ensuring that all regulations are met.

Palion Paperboard Pallets are a breakthrough in modern cardboard construction technology and are 100% recyclable.

Combining strong corner protectors with a patented honeycombing system, Palion Paperboard Pallets are capable of bearing 2,000kg weight.

These pallets have been tested under simulated conditions at a temperature of 50°C, humidity 90% and load bearing weight at 2,000kg.

The resulting pallet height variation of less than 1mm showed the pallets did not compress or collapse under these extreme conditions.

Features include:

* Lightweight construction – An ISO export pallet (1100mm x 1100mm x 130mm) weighs only 6.5kg as opposed to 17+kg for a wooden equivalent.

* Excellent strength capabilities – 2000kg static weight capacity.

* 100% recyclable – Not only made from recycled paper, but recyclable after use.

* Eco friendly – Easy to dispose of, and environmentally friendly.

* Customisation – Pallet sizing can be manufactured to exact requirements.

* No fumigation required – A major cost/time saving.

* Hygienic – Paperboard pallets comply with HACCP regulations and are ISO 14000 compliant.

The lightweight Palion Paperboard Pallets significantly reduce airfreight costs, which are calculated on weight.

For fresh produce, the hygienic Palion Paperboard Pallets reduce contamination risks and in the developing shelf-ready merchandising will be more readily acceptable than a wooden pallet.

PACKSPEC also provide One Way Non-Returnable Palion Paperboard Pallets, which are ideal for containerised exporting or any other application where pallets cannot be recovered.

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