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Grey water treatment systems from Ozzi Kleen

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Ozzi Kleen  provides greywater treatment system and marine wastewater treatment system. The Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System helps in treating greywater which can be used on garden or can be reused back through the toilet for flushing.

In Greywater Treatment System, all greywater enters the single tank where oxygen is circulated through an aerator. This keeps the naturally occurring aerobic bacteria found in the wastewater alive, which in turn actively feeds and breaks down the waste. The treated water is decanted and stored within the tank in the effluent holding compartment. The treated water can be used for gardens, laundry or toilet flushing. A safety device is present in the greywater treatment system which allows excess water to be used on gardens or disposed back to the sewer.

The Ozzi Kleen Marine Wastewater Treatment System treats black or grey water using either saltwater flush toilet systems or fresh water only toilet flush systems.

The Ozzi Kleen 5300L Above Ground Rainwater Tank is made from high quality, food grade polyethylene. The Ozzi Kleen WT5300 is easy to install, inspect and maintain and is available in a wide range of colours.

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