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Bollard systems from Oztime Technologies

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Oztime Technologies  supplies decorative and standard bollards which are available in a wide range of colours, coatings and finishes. Decorative bollards can be customised to suit architectural design. Bollards are available with a variety of lift options which includes pneumatic, hydraulic, manual and stationary.

Oztime Technologies supplies rapid deployment protection systems that consist of 6 or 3 bollard sets. The bollard sets offer protection and good design flexibility.

DRT K12/L3 bollard system is a retractable bollard system while the PDT 1200 series bollard system offers flexible choice of lifting mechanism. Both decorative and standard bollards are available in the PDT 1200 series.

Oztime Technologies supplies energy supply bollards that are available in both fixed and retractable versions. Energy supply bollards allow access to utilities, water, telephone, power, comprised air, cable TV etc. Energy supply bollards offers improved safety without the need for extending wires over long distances.

Energy supply bollards can be used in market places, exhibition parks, fair grounds, fair grounds, concert areas, camp sites, caravan parks and pedestrian areas, to name a few.

In addition to energy supplying decorative and standard bollards, Oztime Technologies also supplies fixed bollard for energy power supply.

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