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Ozone generators and water treatment systems from Ozone Industries

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Ozone is a natural sanitiser derived directly from the air with no additives. Ozone is produced by passing oxygen through a high intensity electrical field. In this way the oxygen gas is changed to ozone gas, a short lived powerful oxidiser.

Once generated, ozone must be used immediately as it breaks down rapidly to oxygen leaving no chemical residue from the ozone. Ozone is effective being many times stronger than chlorine; gram for gram. With no chemical additives it does not have to be stored; you generate it on site as it is needed.

Ozone gas can be used to control pathogens on produce in storage or it can be dissolved in water to produce ozonated water, ideal for washing and sanitising.

Installing ozone equipment is an investment for the future. ozone equipment is an investment in tune with changing community standards; there are no downsides to ozone equipment.

Once the crop is harvested ozone will help in preserving its value.

Ozone in water will:

  • Kill pathogens on the surface of the product, reducing losses from spoilage.
  • Oxidise insecticides, reducing the residual remaining on the product.
  • Provide safe and simple control of sanitisation levels.
  • Provide a safe and pleasant working environment.
  • Provide a safe and simple disposal requirements.

Ozone in air will:

  • Keep on killing pathogens on the surface of the produce while it is in storage.
  • Reduce the spread of disease from damaged produce.
  • Slow the ripening process by oxidising ethylene gas.
  • Protect the value of the investment.

As a natural product ozone also complies with organic and bio-dynamic farm management practises. For HACCP or Freshcare accreditation, ozone is accepted as a food additive under FSANZ standard 1.1.3, meaning that there is a safe, effective and economical alternative to chemical sanitising regimes that can enhance the quality assurance program.

Ozone Industries can protect the produce with a range of ozone generators and water treatment systems that are designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

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