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WITH today's emphasis on recycling and preserving our dwindling water supplies and the increasingly popular move to natural processes it is more appropriate now to look further at the role of a natural disinfectant - ozone.

Ozone is found in nature; it is produced in the upper atmosphere by the action of sunlight and in the lower atmosphere by lightning. It is nature’s own sanitising agent.

When dissolved in water, ozone produces a solution that can be used to sanitise and disinfect. Ozonated water acts many times faster on bacteria than chemicals, simply breaking down to leave nothing behind except sterile water.

At low levels, ozonated water can provide:

* Clean drinking and swimming water for people

* Clean water for stock

* Clean water for horticulture.

At stronger levels, ozonated water can provide:

* Disinfectant wash down for plant and equipment

* Activated irrigation water for densely grown crops like mushrooms

* Disinfectant wash for fruit and vegetables

* Disinfectant wash for meat, fish and poultry.

Ozone Industries offer competitively priced ozone generators that are produced in Australia.

Ozone Industries’ 7000 series ozone generators are ideal for ozone in water using ambient air or oxygen, from single cell units through to multiple four cell systems.

All series 7000 ozone generators use corona discharge technology to produce ozone.

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