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Australian made ozone generators

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OZONE Industries has been granted ‘Australia Made’ status on their full range of ozone generators.

They are proud of the quality of their products and now customers can depend on the products being genuinely Australian and a brand customers can trust.

Ozone Industries’ Series 3000 ozone generators are designed for the hospitality, food and beverage processing and are also used in horticulture industry cool rooms.

The Series 3000 UV ozone generators are constructed of stainless steel and require no maintenance.

Ozone Industries’ Model 2100 corona discharge with adjustable output is perfect for sanitising small areas from a cupboard full of smelly shoes to commercial offices and in the hospitality industry commercial kitchen cool rooms, wash rooms and bars. It is suitable for anywhere a bacterium is causing unpleasant odours.

Other ‘Australian Made’ label products are Ozone Industries’ larger commercial generators, the Series 6000 corona discharge gaseous ozone generators and Series 7000 corona discharge ozonated water generators used in food and beverage, aquaculture, agriculture applications, as well as water and waste water treatment.

Ozone Industries’ products carry 12 months warranty on parts and labour.

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