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Ozone clears a no-zone

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article image The CF2-1600 portable ozone generator.

BURNETT Shire Council in Queensland recently contacted Ozone Pollution Technology regarding a sewage pit odour problem at one of its Bargara facilities.

Excessive odour leakage had led to fairly regular complaints from their neighbours.

To combat the problem Ozone's Queensland manager, Mike Houlahan, arranged for the supply of the newly released CF2-16000 -- a compact, portable ozone generator capable of producing up to 16g/hr of ozone at peak operating performance.

It has several important design features, which include state-of-the-art electronic emitters for high output and reliability; pleated inlet filter with massive surface area; and an ion source to dramatically improve performance.

The CF2 ozone generator was mounted outside the pit (measuring 1.9m diameter by 6m deep) with the ozone ducted into the pit via the in-built fan.

After running for four weeks complaints from neighbours ceased.

Craig Donehue, a Burnett Council engineer involved with the project, said that across the period of a day there was a marked effect on the odour.

“Previously, our data logger showed maximum hydrogen sulphide levels of 63ppm and averages of 11.7ppm. Since installation of Ozone's CF2 the levels have been typically reduced to as low as 0.84ppm whilst some measurements showed zero levels."

He added that the purifier had been running at only half-power for most of that time.

Ozone Manufacturing has continued to up-grade its purifiers since releasing its first model several years ago and now has a broad range of products suitable for purifying both air and water that can be used in enumerable situations.

Prime uses with air are obviously in odour control in sewage plants and similar installations but they are also effective against industrial stack odours.

The water purifiers can be used for town water supplies, process feedwater or general wastewater.

Ozone Pollution manufactures products ranging from small, portable units to large-scale plants, which are sized by its Adelaide-based technical department.

Apart from odour control, ozone is highly effective in destroying all forms of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa including cryptosporidium and giardia.

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