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article image Ozone’s Coolant Cleaner in action.

OZONE Pollution Technology has expanded its product range with the introduction of the Coolant Cleaner, a device that recycles and cleans oils and synthetic fluids from machine tool sumps.

Machine tool coolant becomes polluted in three ways.

It becomes loaded with foreign paniculate such as swarf, chips, fines, dirt and rust. Equally damaging is the build up of foreign liquids or tramp oils. Bacteria and fungus breed directly under the surface of the tramp oil.

The Ozone Coolant Cleaner performs four functions:

· It sucks up coolant liquid and sludge from the machine tool sump. Tramp oil and bacteria are removed in a settling tank.

· It sucks up swarf and debris from the tool bed, depositing it in a strainer cartridge.

· It vacuums dust and debris from the floor area round the workshop and comes complete with vacuum nozzles, wands and hoses.

· When pollutant separation has occurred, it pumps the cleaned coolant liquid back into the machine tool sump.

The Coolant Cleaner will both suck and pump simultaneously, allowing on-line cleaning. It is driven by a low amperage single phase motor rated for continuous duty. This keeps maintenance costs low. The multistage turbine has two speed settings.

As well as the environmental and operator health benefits, the Coolant Cleaner provides substantial cost savings for the typical machine tool user, with a payback of less than six months.

This cost saving comes through reduced purchases of coolant through effective recycling, lower maintenance related labour costs, less wear and subsequent replacement of cutting tools, and reduced coolant disposal costs.

In addition, Ozone also makes a range of mist cleaners for control of airborne oil mist which can be a significant respiratory hazard to operators.

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