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Industrial and commercial pump modules from Ozmist Misting Systems

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Ozmist Misting Systems  supplies a wide range of industrial pump modules that are manufactured using high quality components and are engineered to provide continuous duty.

The Ozmist range of pump module includes Oz 18 ci, Oz 50 ci, Oz 70ci, Oz 100 ci and Oz 145 ci industrial pump modules. All Ozmist pump modules are fitted with a low pressure cut off switch that shuts the pump unit off during inadequate water pressure or dirty filter cartridges. The switch helps in eliminating potential damage to pump seals through dry running.

Ozmist Misting Systems supplies commercial pump modules that are suitable for commercial and domestic applications with either a fan misting system or a static misting line. Commercial pump modules are capable of running between 25 to 35 nozzles and offer excellent value for money. The pump modules are complete with powder coated metal cabinet, twin water filters, high pressure water gauge, illuminated on/off switch, low water pressure cut off switch, air intake fan and single phase, thermally protected motor.

Ozmist Misting Systems supplies an extensive range of tube fittings to suit stainless steel and high pressure nylon tube. Tube fittings are available either as a three piece compression fitting or push fit fittings and does not require any tools for installation.

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