Ozmist Misting Systems

High pressure misting pumps, misting systems, and cooling humiification.


Supplier news
23/04/08 - Ozmist Misting Systems offers portable misting units which offer efficient cooling solutions for outdoor areas.
Supplier news
22/04/08 - Ozmist Misting Systems supplies a wide range of industrial pump modules that are manufactured using high quality components and are engineered to provide continuous duty.
Supplier news
21/04/08 - Ozmist Misting Systems specialises in providing efficient misting systems for factories, workshops, warehouses and outdoor areas.

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Ozmist Misting Systems (Head office) Update these details
17 - 19 Muntz Street
Vic 3677
Tel: (03) 5722 9896
Fax: (03) 5722 3590

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Ozmist Misting Systems Ozmist Portomist

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