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Automatic cigarette lighters from Ozilite - Automatic Cigarette Lighter

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The Ozilite automatic cigarette lighter, from Ozilite - Automatic Cigarette Lighter , is a wall or post mounted flameless device which is used for lighting cigarettes. The Ozilite automatic cigarette lighters are ideal for places where people do not have free access to portable cigarette lighters or matches.

Automatic cigarette lighters are flameless devices that have a stainless steel face plate. The face plate is sturdy and vandal proof and does not have any sharp edges. The lighters are safe and completely waterproof and weatherproof.

Electrical circuits of the automatic cigarette lighters are protected by electronic devices that switch off the unit automatically when tampered. The lighter also has an automatic cut off function to prevent over heating. The lighter can be fixed to wall or post permanently and requires minimal maintenance. Two spare long lasting elements are available with every lighter.

The automatic cigarette lighter is ideal for common locations such as correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and industrial sites. Automatic cigarette lighters are also useful in shopping centres, supermarkets, universities, office buildings and factories.

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