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Functional foods and bioactive ingredient solutions from OzScientific

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OzScientific  offers a wide range of services related to food ingredients, functional foods and bioactive ingredients. The services include analytical services, product development and desktop research services. Analytical services include beta-glucan analysis, protein separation by electrophoresis, enzymatic assays based on spectroscopy and ingredient functionality such as dispersibility, solubility, heat stability, gelation, emulsification etc.

Product development services include powdered products, liquid beverage development, fractionation and separation of bioactive ingredients and food gels, bars and bakery applications.

Desktop research includes market research and analysis, technical reviews, opportunity analysis and intellectual property analysis

OzScientific presents scientific and technical knowledge with commercial and business perspectives and offers various solutions for the development and applications of functional and bioactive food ingredients. The solutions are categorised into ibusiness and market intelligence, food and ingredient innovations, ingredient functionality and food and ingredient knowledge.

In business and market intelligence, OzScientific helps in developing strategies in functional and bioactive food products and ingredients. In ingredient and product information, OzScientific helps in developing new ingredients or modifying existing ingredients of food products.

In ingredient functionality, OzScientific measures and optimises the physical functionality of food ingredients, while in ingredient and product knowledge, OzScientific provides solutions by carrying out a detailed scoping studies, technical market research and technical reviews of literature on food ingredients from dairy, grains and pulses.

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