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OzKleen powers up with new Power Cloth

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Leading environmentally friendly cleaning product manufacturer OzKleen has just launched its new weapon against grime, the new Power Cloth, unlike any other cloth available on supermarket shelves because of its unique exfoliating system.

These super absorbent Power Cloths work like a scourer to wipe away grime without the worry of scratching, no matter what the surface, so that you can power through your cleaning in next to no time.

These advanced technology wipes, impregnated with raised Power Dots, work like magic, safely and simply eradicating stubborn stains which normal sponges cannot budge from a multitude of surfaces.

The Power Cloth is designed by OzKleen, which also makes Shower Power, Grease Monkey, Carpet Power, Prewash Power and Power Wipes. Ideal for use all over the house, each Power Cloth packet contains different coloured cloths, so that cleaning can be colour-coded for added hygiene.

OzKleen’s Power Cloth is so versatile it can be used all over the house to transform it back into a sparkling haven of domesticity.

Use it to dust down surfaces, cut through caked-on oven grime and revive your bathroom sparkle. For an added Power factor, combine the wipes with a few squirts of Shower Power for the bathroom or Grease Monkey for the kitchen.

Nothing is too much of a challenge for OzKleen’s Power Cloth; it can even be used to remove pesky bat or bird poo from vehicles when used with a few squirts of Shower Power. There is no risk of scratching with this exfoliating, but non-abrasive Power Cloth. Or, squirt some Grease Monkey into your microwave, put it on for 10 seconds to spread the product evenly, then wipe it sparkling clean with the Power Cloth.

Take satisfied look at the Power Cloth afterwards to see just how much grime it has lifted off. This versatile cleaning product will be available in Woolworths, Coles and other independent stores from June 2007.

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