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OzKleen introduces Dry Cleaner’s Secret

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OzKleen’ s Dry Cleaner’s Secret is a do-it-yourself home dry cleaning cloth that when thrown into the tumble dryer with suits, blazers, knits, trousers, vests or fine washables will within 20 minutes leave your clothes looking and smelling like they have been professionally dry cleaned.

Available in packs of three, OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret is guaranteed to clean and freshen up your garments.

Not tested on animals and free from toxic chemicals, OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret is quick and easy to use.

Dry Cleaner’s Secret is suitable for fabrics such as acetate, cashmere, cotton, linen, ramie, rayon, silk, synthetics, wool and more. A pack of three will dry clean up to 12 garments.

OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret was originally developed by a US Master Dry Cleaner who had experienced poor customer satisfaction with many clients. His experience revealed that the customer satisfaction was closely related to the condition of the garments when they were brought into the shop.

Some clients would delay the dry cleaning process and in so doing would present the cleaner with garments so heavily soiled that even best efforts produced a less than satisfactory result.

The Master Dry Cleaner wanted to provide his clients with a method of caring for their garments at home, between dry cleanings that would help to guard against the over soiled, poor condition garments.

He developed OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret for this purpose. His clients could use the product at home and when they brought their garments in to be cleaned the condition would be much improved and the cleaning process would be successful and customer satisfaction would be raised.

“OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret is not designed to completely replace professional dry cleaning, but rather complement it,” Quinn said.

“Just as we brush our teeth at home twice per day, we still need to go to the dentist a couple of times per year.”

“Also, busy people don’t have time to take their clothes to a dry cleaner and pick them up and sometimes they even forget to pick them up, so this offers the perfect solution to in-between visits.”

To use OzKleen’s Dry Cleaner’s Secret, follow the below instructions:

  • Completely remove any visible spots from garments by following the directions on the inside of this package
  • Place one to four garments of similar fabric, weight and colour in dryer (not wet). Remove and unfold the cleaning cloth from the packet and place in dryer. Tumble in dryer on medium heat cycle for 20 minutes on a timed setting
  • Remove garments from dryer immediately after the cycle has stopped for best results. Garments are ready to hang up and wear. No ironing is required

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