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Grease monkey cleaner is designed to cut through grease and grime on range hood filters, cook tops, microwaves and barbeques.

Not only is Grease Monkey an effective weapon against tough and greasy cooking grime, but it could save your life.

Greasy range hoods have been identified as among one of the top causes of household fires. Over time, range hoods collect food and oil particles, giving them a black, sooty appearance.

The oil content of this grime is high, making the area flammable. So, keep your range hood clean with Grease Monkey and stop your kitchen becoming a fire hazard.

Grease Monkey is so easy to use, it makes cleaning effortless. To use, you simply squirt Grease Monkey, leave for a few minutes and wipe off, leaving your surfaces clean, sparkling and smelling fresh.

Based on the same citrus extracts used in OzKleen's flagship product Shower Power, Grease Monkey is also free from ammonia, caustic soda and bleach, which makes it safe to use on surfaces where food is prepared.

Grease monkey cleaner is also safe for use in households with septic systems. (Not tested on animals) And because the fragrance is pleasant, rather than toxic, it removes the dread associated with cleaning ovens, cook tops and barbeques.

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