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Carpet Power provides big solution for professionals

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AUSTRALIAN owned manufacturer OzKleen has launched an industrial-sized Carpet Power cleaner, in response to ongoing requests from professional cleaners.

From car detailing and hotel housekeeping, Carpet Power has a wide-range of professional applications, including as a pre-spray for specialist carpet cleaners.

Featuring a lavender fragrance, Carpet Power removes coffee, shoe polish, red wine, make-up, dirt, pet, grease and other stains and odours from carpets, upholstery, clothing and fabrics.

According to OzKleen, Carpet Power is free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and phosphates and is suitable for use for people who suffer allergies.

In confined areas it is user-friendly for the permanent user as there are no harsh ingredients or fumes says OzKleen.

The company says that while the product incorporates winning ingredients used in other award-winning OzKleen products such as Shower Power and Prewash Power, Carpet Power contains an odour-destroying technology called micro-encapsulation.

Micro-encapsulation locks up odours at the molecular level. This means odours and musty smells from stored damp clothing and fabrics are eliminated, rather than just being covered up says OzKleen.

Carpet Power's odour-destroying technology is a natural process and functions the same way as some molecules.

Carpet Power is the only carpet cleaner in the supermarkets approved by the Woolsafe Organisation, which meant it was 100 per cent safe to use on wool according to OzKleen.

The directors of Woolsafe said that thousands of products have been tested and Carpet Power is the best.

Professional cleaners have reported to OzKleen that 98 per cent of their costs were spent on labour and only two per cent were spent on cleaning products.

Carpet Power is a product designed to save time because that's where professional cleaners costs are highest.

Available in three, five and 15 litre sizes, Carpet Power was originally formulated in-house by OzKleen's Production Manager, Peter Quinn, who spent more than one year working on Carpet Power's unique formula.

He said OzKleen only release products when they are absolutely convinced that they are unique and superior to anything else on the market.

For information about OzKleen's industrial-sized Carpet Power, or other professional OzKleen products, contact Sean Heron on 07 5549 4777.

How to destroy stains and odours with Carpet Power:

1. Spray the stained area. The micro-capsules will break down upon exit from the spray.

2. Wait 1-5 minutes. The micro molecular encapsulation technology will work by "enveloping" the bad smell molecule, inactivating it. This process removes the ability of odours to be detected, rather than covering them up with a more powerful smell.

3. Press firmly with a sponge. Eventually these odour causing molecules will be broken down by the natural process of sunlight, oxygen and heat. These micro-capsules will then burst, destroying and replacing bad odours with a pleasant lavender fragrance.

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