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Carpet Power Carpet Cleaner from Ozkleen

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Carpet Power carpet cleaner has met the stringent testing procedures required to gain WoolSafe's approval, meaning it is 100% safe to use on wool.

Carpet Power removes stains and eliminates odours from carpets, upholstery, clothing, and fabrics and is the brainchild of Australia's cleaning industry leader, OzKleen Asia-Pacific.

OzKleen Managing Director Tom Quinn says "Carpet Power is quickly escalating in popularity not only domestically, but also offshore."

"We only bring out products when we are absolutely convinced that they are unique and superior to anything else on the market. Our customers write to us all the time to tell us how much they love our products, especially Shower Power. They also offer suggestions for new products, so even before we began developing the formula for Carpet Power, we knew there was a need for a superior carpet-cleaning product."

"OzKleen products are perfect for people with busy lifestyles who simply do not have time to spend on cleaning."

"You simply squirt Carpet Power onto surface and press firmly with a sponge," says Mr Quinn.

"Unlike anything else, Carpet Power contains a special ingredient that actually eliminates bad odours, rather than just covering them up, making it a very popular choice for pet lovers. It is also highly suitable for car interiors."

Carpet Power is approved by the Woolsafe Organisation, a third party organisation that conducts extensive and rigorous tests to ensure that products carrying the Woolsafe Mark perform and are safe to use on wool.

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