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Oz Bagger bagging machines from Oz Turners and Mulchers

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The OZ Bagger, from Oz Turners and Mulchers , semi automatic bagging machines for products such as sand, gravel, compost, bark, dirt, manure and landscape products are simple and easy to operate.

The bagging machines eliminate endless hours of filling bags manually using shovels and 2 or more employees. Oz Bagger bagging machines enable one operator to comfortably fill up to 4 bags per minute without straining their back. The Oz Bagger can also be used as a potting machine for filling garden pots at nurseries.

This bagging machines fill and seal using air operated foot pedal controls and the huge 3 cubic meter hopper holds enough material to fill (on average) 25 – 30 bags and can easily be filled with a skid steer or tractor. 

Built in fork lift tubes allow for easy relocation of the 1200kg bagger on-site or on and off trucks. An anti bridging device within the hopper allows the bagging machines to process even sticky materials such as poultry manure by breaking it up before it reaches the exit chute.  

OZ Bagger bagging macines can also be operated by two people, one filling and one sealing. This process can double the output to 8 or more bags per minute and uses a volumetric filling system to ensure all bags are of a consistant size and weight.

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