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CT1800 Oz Turner from Oz Turners and Mulchers

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The CT1800 Oz Turner, available from Oz Turners and Mulchers , offers a simple solution to organic waste management and composting requirements.

The compost turners are capable of turnings contaminated soils for Bioremediation and are available in three different sizes to suit different composting applications or varying sizes. 

The drum and paddles of the compost turners are designed for maximum aeration and product blending while water can be easily added to the compost windrow using the Oz Turners’ built-in watering system that connects to an external water supply. 

Thanks to the hydraulic steering system the CT1800 Oz Turner does not need heavy counterweights that can add up to 4000kg. This enables the compost turners to pass through gates or travel down access roads. With the use of a lever, the CT1800 pulls in behind the tractor like a trailer.  

Features of the CT1800 compost turners include: 

  • Minimum of 50hp tractor required 
  • Requires ’creeper’ or hydrostatic gearing
  • Suitable for medium to large size applications 
  • Uses a 1.8m wide drum 
  • Uses 540rpm PTO speed for a drum speed of 223rpm
  • Windrow size of 1.8m wide and 1.4m high

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