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New Wifflon super polymer seals offer durability and long life

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Oz Seals introduces the new Wifflon Super Polymer, a new range of seals designed to replace most Teflon (DuPont) PTFE seals.

Most consumers of industrial machines experience seal failure rates in excess of 85%. Delivering excellent durability and long lifespan, the new polymer seals from Oz Seals are ideal for high pressure applications, with seal life greatly improved by 10 times when compared to conventional seals.

The Wifflon Super Polymer seal can save significant costs by reducing downtime and increasing productivity through lower frequency of seal changes. The Wifflon Super Polymer is a thermoset with memory and can be stretched onto pistons without having to resize the glide ring, unlike PTFE thermoplastic that stays deformed.

Key benefits of the Wifflon seals include a hardness of 60 Shore D, superior resistance to aging and oil, and hot water resistance of 95°C, using the latest in chemical innovation to achieve excellent low and high temperature properties that can withstand temperatures from ­50°C to 120°C.

Oz Seals also offers a custom seal service, where special profiles can be manufactured in a matter of hours. 

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