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Lubricant improves seal wear resistance

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article image Oz Porthane seals.

THE wear resistance of Oz Porthane polyurethane seals, has been improved with the addition of a new anti-freeze lubricant.

Especially beneficial for use in low temperatures, the additive has shown marked improvement in wear capabilities.

According to Oz Seals managing director Wil Prinz the new additive has greatly enhanced Oz Porthane-based hydraulic seals to the point that these have been found to exhibit hardly any wear, even in arduous duty.

Polyurethanes, over the years, have proven themselves in the sealing of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, under the most stringent applications.

Oz Seals polyurethanes offer the benefits of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics, combined with the extensibility of rubber. In particular, as a compound, Oz Porthane has been developed to a point that this is now at the peak of its capabilities.

The material is a polyether-based polymer, which has higher hydrolysis resistance and better flexibility at low temperatures than polyester-based polyurethanes.

The hydrolytic resistance of Oz Porthane makes this ideal for use in applications where there is prolonged contact with water.

Developed using high performance Adiprene (Du Pont) and Vibrathane (Uniroyal), the material has been proven to be far superior to EPDM and Viton in HFC solutions found overseas, including tests conducted at a US steel mill.

Local experience has found similar results. Today, Oz Porthane seals are used in Australian applications like mining, earthmoving and, of course, steel mills.

A recent application in the earthmoving field saw a batch of locally-sealed pistons recalled after many failures, only to have these resealed using Oz Porthane and reinstalled by the manufacturer.

Oz Porthane is manufactured in Australia using Oz Seals proprietary Poly3 manufacturing system. The seals will take pressures to 500 bar and temperatures from -50°C to 120°C.

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