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article image Has excellent corrosion resistance.

OZ Mo is a universal material with very good memory, which has been reformulated by Oz Seals . Exhibiting superior impact strength, low friction and enhanced abrasion resistance, Oz Mo is ideal for most bearing applications.

The material exhibits less swell than nylon bearing grades, while providing much better abrasive resistance.

As Oz Mo bearings are self-lubricated with molybdenum, they will invariably outperform those bearings that run dry.

Compared to metallic bearings, Oz Mo will perform satisfactorily under many conditions of starved or neglected lubrication.

For use in applications with little or no lubrication, the material can operate well where frictional heat does not build up more rapidly than what can be conducted to the bearing housing or shaft.

Linkage bushings, screw conveyor bearings, slow speed or low load rotary or linear motion bushings could satisfactorily run dry with Oz Mo.

Oz Mo has excellent corrosion resistance, as well as resistance to oil, water and chemicals and is not affected by lubricants normally used with sleeve bearings.

The material does not swell in oil and has a maximum volumetric water swell of 1.3%.

Oz Mo is unaffected by mild acid or caustic baths and other chemical environments that could be harmful to metallic bearings.

Unlike malleable plastics and metals, Oz Mo is not a malleable matter - it resists “pounding out of shape” which frequently occurs when metal or plastic bearings are subjected to impact.

The material has good memory and returns to its original shape shortly after impact.

Oz Mo is machined into high precision (wear) bands, in a range of sizes up to 2100mm diameter.

According to Oz Seals, Oz Mo hardly wears and has much higher load bearing capability and will outlast conventional bearing materials.

Oz Mo also exhibits high tensile and elongation properties and is ideal for use in extremely cold temperatures down to -40°C.

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