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High quality seals and seal manufacturing systems from Oz Seals

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Leading manufacturer of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic seals, Oz Seals also offers a range of high performance seal manufacturing systems for the Australian market.

Oz Seals introduces the new Oz Super Lite 2000 and 3000 custom configurable seal manufacturing systems, which come with a CNC machine, integrated computer and specially developed Oz CAD/CAM software.

The CNC lathes from Oz Seals with 225mm turning diameter and 8-station turret are available at affordable prices.

Oz Seals also offers a comprehensive range of seals made from high quality materials that ensure superior longevity. The company employs an innovative manufacturing process to manufacture any specific profile from any material quickly.

Wilhelm Prinz, Manager at Oz Seals believes that advanced technology and customisation options enable high performance seals made in Australia to deliver superior performance over cheaper imports.

Oz Seals focuses on providing custom made sealing solutions to their customers with a quick turnaround service.

Oz Seals also stocks some of the more regularly used seals for quick delivery.

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