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Crown Bush extends seal life

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article image Crown Bush for cleaner seal environments.

OZ SEALS’ patented Crown Bush provides a cleaner environment for packing and mechanical seals inside and outside the stuffing box.

The neck bush separates residential solids from flush water, to provide "leak-free" sealing protection.

Featuring a unique design, the Crown Bush reduces flushing requirements by 50 - 80% and extends seal life by a factor of up to six times.

The Crown Bush was developed to overcome the difficulties of maintaining packings and mechanical seals in very dirty flush water environments.

Use of the Crown Bush with packing and/or mechanical seals reduces sealing sensitivity to pressure drops and to damaging abrasive contaminants in the pumped fluid.

Recent applications in dirty water environments have shown that the Crown Bush has extended the periods between maintenance from a few weeks to several months.

The Crown Bush reduces gland and shaft erosion and optimises flush water distribution in the stuffing box. Fewer gland adjustments are required when used with packing. Shaft and sleeve wear is also reduced. This increases service life of expensive pump packing, while reducing pump maintenance costs.

Used with packing, the bush uses the flush water and centrifugal effects generated by the shaft. This helps extend pack life and reduces the amount of packing required by up to 40%.

With mechanical seals, the flushing is achieved by the creation of a constant flow pattern, expelling abrasives from the stuffing box cavity. Leakage is greatly reduced and fewer adjustments are required from the seal.

The Crown Bush is available in a split form for easy installation. A stainless steel version of the unit is also available for extremely dirty environments.

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