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Automatic packing saves maintenance

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IDENTIFYING a seal from a black outline, a seal's profile, is only a guide to how it looks. It doesn't always tell a user what it can do.

One such outline in Oz Seals ' Profile Chart has helped a local rubber manufacturer save on maintenance by a factor of four.

One of more than 40 gland seal profiles developed by Oz Seals for its seal manufacturing systems, the GS10-12A was a result of consultative work with the end user.

Used on hydraulic cylinders, the gland seal acts like an "automatic packing" - a good description of how the seal works.

The GS10-12A replaced more conventional cotton and rubber vee ring sets which effected leaking hydraulic fluid and resulted in badly scored rams at a local rubber manufacturer.

Manufactured using Oz Po and Oz Tuf material, the GS10-12A provides effective sealing under high pressure. The seal automatically compresses the chevrons sitting behind the modified retained U-ring.

The more pressure applied by the cylinder, the tighter the seal-a servo effect provided by the hydraulics. The preload is also adjusted automatically.

Made up of a series of vee rings and a unique energiser, the gland seal features a specially-designed flapped wiper which takes away solids from the sealing area.

For ease of application, the seal can be supplied split, using the Oz Seals seal splitter, which provides a zig zag connection.

The automatic packing is extremely durable. Compatible with most hydraulic oils, and oil and water emulsions, the seal also exhibits excellent hot water resistance-features that make this ideal for the extreme conditions the seal is exposed to.

Previously, the plant used to replace the packing during their annual plant shutdown. Now, seal life is expected to extend to three to five years, providing a considerable saving to the user.

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