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T4400 CD ozone generators from Oxyzone

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Oxyzone Pty Ltd  presents T4400 CD ozone generators designed to disinfect air or water in an efficient and environment-friendly way.  

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the T4400 range of ozone generators can be used for odour control and bacteria control in commercial kitchens, food preparation zones, garbage areas and exhaust systems.  

T4400 CD ozone generators are available in 20 gram per hour oxygen fed and 10 gram per hour oxygen fed options. The machines feature a stainless steel construction for durability and incorporate modern technology.  

When dissolved in water, the T4400 CD ozone generators provide a strong disinfectant that can be used for wine barrel cleaning, CIP and product washing prior to packaging in addition to cleaning in abattoir, sea food and aquaculture operations.

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