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Ovivo Australia designs advanced wastewater treatment plant for malt facility

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Ovivo Australia  designed and constructed a cutting-edge advanced water treatment plant (AWTP) using membrane bioreactor (MBR) and reverse osmosis (RO) technology for Viterra's Tamworth malt facility.  

The malt facility has a grain capacity of 45 kt and supplies malt both domestically and internationally. The plant required an AWTP to treat malting steep water to a quality suitable for re-use within the facility.  

The MBR and RO in the advanced wastewater treatment plant perform all the necessary steps to treat the influent to a condition suitable for re-use within the client's facility and to maintain discharge agreement conformance for the reject stream generated.  

The malting steep wastewater is initially screened, balanced, pH corrected and biologically treated to reduce BOD/COD, nitrogen and phosphorous. Permeate is drawn through two immersed membrane trains reducing TSS levels and pathogens.  

The MBR permeate is further treated through a dual-stage RO system to remove dissolved content and pH corrected before being stored for re-use.  

Ovivo’s advanced wastewater treatment plant incorporates a bio-selector that conditions the wastewater prior to bio-treatment and enhances biological phosphorous removal.  

Delivered as a design, build and operation (DBO) unit, Ovivo’s AWTP installed at the malt facility is capable of treating a hydraulic load of 300kL per day, recovering 75% of the wastewater, which equates to approximately a 50% reduction in Viterra's reliance on local potable water supply.  

Optimisation of the positive displacement blowers is achieved through Ovivo's DO control strategy. The plant is controlled via a SCADA system that allows for remote monitoring and trending.  

In addition to providing capital cost savings over conventional activated sludge systems, the AWTP has a reduced footprint to further lower associated civil installation costs.  

Key benefits for Viterra's malt facility from the AWTP:  

  • Compact and efficient means of improving water quality, well suited for re-use applications
  • Enables water savings of 50 ML per year
  • Stable plant reliability with minimal requirement for process adjustments
  • Aeration system uses Ovivo's Aerostrip fine bubble diffusers, a range of high performing membrane diffusers providing high SOTR against power input
  • Efficiency of 4-4.2kg O2/h/kW input
  • Controlled via a SCADA system that allows for remote monitoring and trending
Ovivo has installed five advanced wastewater treatment plants till date for the Australian food and beverage sector, enabling the production of potable grade water for non-potable re-use from industrial trade waste.

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