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NERO MBR high performance water treatment systems launched by Eimco Water Technologies

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Eimco Water Technologies has launched a new generation membrane water treatment system, the NERO MBR, for use in wastewater bioreactors.

The system provides advanced non-clogging filtration and requires only simple pre-screening.

The technology is applicable for membrane bioreactors in:

  • abattoirs
  • rendering plants
  • dairy and cheese plants
  • sewage treatment plants
  • blackwater treatment
  • leachate treatment
  • general industrial
  • food processing
  • mining
  • chemical industries
  • containerised packaged systems; and
  • deployable systems.
NERO MBR utilises flat plate technology, employing ultra-filtration plates mounted in a stainless steel sub frame. Non-woven PVDF/PET materials are used for the membrane for their superior physical and chemical properties.

The system achieves stable filtration that is resistant to blockage or blinding through the uniform distribution of pore sizing and the non-clogging design of the membrane.

Before the advent of membrane bioreactors, conventional biological processes relied on gravity separation of the biomass from the water phase to yield a treated water stream. The concentration within the reactor was limited in order to enable gravity separation and to overcome hindered settling.

Membrane bioreactors instead use a filtration step to separate the biomass from the water phase. A higher reactor concentration is possible, resulting in a reduction of the reactor process volume, leading to a significantly smaller plant footprint.

Biomass water treatment systems achieve yields of higher quality effluent that are almost free of suspended solids, germs and bacteria.

NERO MBR modules are available in two sizes to cater for a variety of bioreactor flow rates. Both module types have a maximum MLSS of 18,000 mg/L and a maximum trans-membrane pressure of 20 kPa.

John Koumoukelis, national sales manager for the industrial and municipal sector of Eimco Water Technologies believes membrane bioreactors are one of the most innovative design principles in wastewater treatment systems over the past two decades.

“The NERO MBR was developed by EWT to build on the advantages of membrane bioreactors by employing the very latest filtration technologies to deliver superior outcomes,” he adds.

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