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AEROSTRIP strip aerators available from Eimco Water Technologies-AJM Environmental Services (EWT-AJM)

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A fine bubble strip aerator that offers high efficiencies with low energy demands is introduced to Australia by Eimco Water Technologies-AJM Environmental Services (EWT-AJM). The AEROSTRIP strip aerator from Aquaconsult is used in domestic and industrial waste water treatment plants all over the world.

According to Andrew Miley, EWT/AJM Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific, AEROSTRIP technology is part of Aquaconsult’s advanced range of efficient fine bubble aerators marketed globally. The technology is found on the proven expertise in planning and engineering entire biological stage systems at waste water treatment plants to comply with European standards.

The materials used in the construction of AEROSTRIP strip aerators are resistant against all components that are permitted to be fed into a sewage treatment plant in accordance with German ATV-regulations (A115 Anlage 1).

Following are the features of AEROSTRIP strip aerators:

  • Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 60%
  • Aeration efficiency from 3 up to 5 kg O2/kWh
  • 0 to 100% control of air flow range
  • Non-clogging diffuser membrane
  • Capable of intermittent operation
  • Stainless steel design
  • Low maintenance requirements and costs
  • Longevity, with trouble-free operation
  • Competitive performance through optimal aeration efficiency value

The outstanding performance of AEROSTRIP aerators has been verified by field measurements carried out by public authorities, universities and independent research institutes. The figures of AEROSTRIP aerators are achieved not only in clean water tests, but also in practical operation with waste water. Tests showed a considerable alpha-value of ~0,8.

According to Miley energy consumption for BOD5-removal is also excellent. At heavy loaded plants the AEROSTRIP achieves an energy requirement of less than 0,3 kWh/kg BOD5, while at plants with extended aeration, excellent figures are achieved of 0,5 to 0,7 kWh/kg BOD5. AEROSTRIP strip aerators are available in two widths and different lengths.

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