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Furniture, gates and signs from Overwrought

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Overwrought  specialises in supplying unique metalwork products such as gates, security doors, fire screens, signs and garden sculpture. Overwrought uses a combination of traditional blacksmithing techniques and contemporary metalworking.

Overwrought supplies hand crafted items and also offers custom design products to suit specific requirements. The designs are finished in a variety of treatments and include an extensive range of fittings to suit individual needs. Overwrought also offers a range of metalwork products which can be purchased online.

Overwrought supplies a wide range of furniture which includes swirl seat, hat and coat stand, tree table, Susies table, partition screen and Doreen’s seat. The swirl seat is made of mild steel and Jarrah wood while the tables and screens are made of mild steel. Overwrought also supplies an extensive range of signs which are made of mild steel material. Some of the signs are also made from mild steel with Perspex and florescent lights.

Overwrought creates unique and distinctive gate designs that are made of high quality steel. The gates are powdercoated for durable and hard wearing finish and are available in a wide range of colours. Overwrought also designs unique style latch to suit specific gates. Range of gates includes face gate, fairy gate, tau gates, bird gate, spiderweb gate, birdnest gate, forest gate, dragonfly gate and butterfly gate. The gates are made from mild steel material.

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