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Outotec Larox FFP 3512 filter presses for efficient tailings treatment

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Outotec  has launched the Larox FFP 3512 filter presses to meet higher capacity production requirements in the mining industry.

This product release follows the successful introduction of the Outotec Larox FFP 2512 pressure filter series for bulk mining applications. The trend towards finer grinding in concentrators and stricter requirements towards tailings disposal have resulted in more difficult dewatering, requiring an increased use of filtration.

Widely used in mining and metallurgical operations, the latest Outotec Larox filter presses are an upscaled version of the proven Larox FFP 2512 series.

Simplicity, reliability and design requirements have been considered in the design of the new Larox FFP 3512 filter presses. Both the 2512 and 3512 series share the same footprint, allowing future expansion requirements for increased throughput in an easier way. Based on Outotec's proven track record, the next generation of filter plate design provides a further step towards high capacity operation by improving maintainability, production reliability and logistics.

The innovative design of the membrane filter plate is the key to larger capacities and even more efficient process results. The FFP is ideal for dry stacking of tailings, enabling energy and water savings through water recycling.

The Larox FFP 3512 filter presses meet high capacity requirements, offer automatic operation and deliver high availability.

High capacity

  • Filtration areas up to 991m²
  • Fast reliable pack opening
  • Latest technology filter plates designed for mining conditions
Automatic operation

  • Automatic adjustment for process changes
  • Consistent performance
  • Flexible, fully automatic operation
  • Remote control possibility
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
High availability

  • Outotec Larox's proven control system
  • Diagnostics for fast troubleshooting
  • Improved maintenance with quick and easy access to all components

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