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Outokumpu Technology delivers TankCell-300 flotation cells to Oceanagold’s Macraes

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Outokumpu Technology has delivered three TankCell-300 flotation cells to Oceanagold’s Macraes operation in New Zealand. TankCell-300, with an active capacity of over 300m3, is a large mechanical flotation cell.

The Macraes site will be a installation that represents a significant development for flotation technology in general.

Oceanagold’s Macraes mine is a large producer of gold, with the capacity to process 6.0 mtpa. A single train configuration of 1/1/1 TankCell-300s, combined with two existing TankCell-150s, will replace the site’s original three trains of column flotation, representing a significant reduction not only in footprint, but also in operational costs such as maintenance and spare parts.
The larger TankCell design also offers optimised froth stability for low-grade ores, as well as ongoing savings from lower air and power consumption.

Outokumpu Technology is renowned for the performance, innovation and efficiency of its flotation technology and this contract further underlines its position as the global leader in flotation.

In today’s buoyant concentrates and metals marketplace, there is an ever-growing need for improvements such as increased throughput in low-grade ores, enhanced metal recoveries and operational efficiencies, and the introduction of a 300m3 cell is a long-anticipated response to this market need.

All TankCell units are a customised design, with the ability to match differing feeds, from ultrafines to coarse and varying froth characteristics, to each site’s application and needs. Outokumpu Technology will now provide the complete flotation circuit at Macraes and is responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the three cells, with completion scheduled for mid 2007.

The TankCell-300 units at Macraes will also feature the new field-proven and patented mixing technologies developed by Outokumpu Technology. FloatForce, Outokumpu’s new mechanism will ensure optimised primary pumping and air dispersion, while the patented secondary impeller enhances the mixing flow patterns in the upper region of the cell thus increasing the cells overall mixing and flotation efficiency.

Designed to meet ever-increasing demand for greater capacity on-site, the 300m³ plus capacity means that TankCell-300 can cope with a site’s demanding throughput, yet still deliver optimum concentrate grade and recovery level, according to Outokumpu Technology.

The TankCell-300 brings economies of scale and the new technology to the proven TankCell design that has demonstrated the efficiency of its technology on a broad diversity of metals around the globe.

Benefits of a single larger cell include lower capital cost, lower installation cost and a smaller footprint compared with two smaller tanks. The larger design also offers optimised froth stability for low grade ores, as well as ongoing savings from its lower air and power consumption and also lower maintenance costs compared with two smaller cells.

TankCell units are a flexible solution for diverse applications of rougher, scavenger and cleaner flotation. Having the wide range of cell sizes facilitates numerous production rates. Mixing, aeration and froth handling are designed case-by-case to best fit the feed material and individual application involved.

In the past ten years alone, a total of more than 1600 TankCell units have been installed globally.

This new flotation contract follows previous solutions from Outokumpu Technology installed over many years at Macraes.
Previous solutions included the company’s flotation, thickening and automation technology, such as two TankCell-150s, two SkimAir SK500 units for Flash Flotation duties, an on-stream XRF analyser Courier 30AP, a PSI 200 for particle size analysis and four SUPAFLO thickeners.

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