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New Outotec Courier 5 SL On-Stream Elemental Analysers

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article image Outotec Courier 5 SL On-Stream Elemental Analyser

Outotec  introduces a new generation of elemental analysers designed for routine process control assays on slurry samples.  

Elemental assays provide essential information for mineral processing plant management and operation. Online X-ray fluorescence or XRF analysers have replaced time-consuming and labour-intensive laboratory methods for routine process control assays.  

Outotec Courier 5 SL is a new generation of air-cooled on-stream elemental analysers designed for 1-12 slurry samples.  

Outotec Courier 5 SL elemental analysers are based on the same high performance wavelength dispersive XRF technology as used in the high performance laboratory and Courier 6 SL analysers.  

Optional energy dispersive channels are available for light element analysis and for applications requiring a large number of elements to be analysed from the same sample.  

Key features of Outotec Courier 5 SL elemental analysers: 

  • Sampling, analysis and sample return are fully automatic and do not require operator presence
  • Optional automatic window changer system saves labour and extends the life of the X-ray tube
  • Slurry samples do not require any preparation before analysis
  • Measures low concentrations from critical tailings streams
  • Analysis results are sent to the plant process control system via a communication link using established protocols
  • Assay information is used for assay-based process management, monitoring and control

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