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Double backwash water filters from Outotec

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Outotec double backwash water filters are designed for Outotec Larox CC filters to enhance productivity by simplifying maintenance and increasing the Larox CC filter’s availability.

The system can be upgraded easily by replacing the old filter with two individual filters in the backwash water line. There is no need to stop the operation to change the single filter cartridge in the backwash water line of the conventional Outotec Larox CC filter.

Key benefits to customers include easy filter cartridge change without downtime, resulting in higher availability and better productivity.

Optionally, electric pressure transmitters can be installed with the Outotec double backwash water filters to monitor the pressure differences over the filter, which will indicate when the filter cartridge should be changed.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased availability due to reduced maintenance time  
  • Up to 60h per year of saved production time  
  • Easy cleaning of the cartridge cover  
  • Standard installation in all CC-144 filters 
Efficient solid-liquid separation technology leads to both economical and environmental benefits. Outotec Larox filters and wastewater filtration solutions are designed to achieve significant savings in energy and water consumption.

Efficient filtration also leads to better quality waste water, thus reducing the environmental burden.

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