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Membrane separation systems from Osmoflo

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Osmoflo  specialises in creating custom made membrane separation systems to meet various industrial needs. Osmoflo offers membrane separation systems to food and beverage, drinking water, mining, power, medical and water industries. Osmoflo uses state-of-the-art water treatment technologies to provide premium solutions for various processing needs.

Osmoflo designs are based on innovative membrane separation systems which includes reverse osmosis, nano-filtrationn, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration systems. Osmoflo also utilises other technologies to compliment the core requirements including a range of pre-treatment and post-treatment processes. This includes multimedia filtration, activated carbon filtration, ion exchange, electro-deionisation, chlorination, ozonation and UV disinfection processes.

Osmoflo offers innovative membrane-based food and beverage process solutions which includes high purity water filtration by reverse osmosis and other methods, partial or full desalination of feed water for production, removal of water from product, protein fractionation and removal, elimination of protein haze defect, protein concentration, de-bittering of orange juice, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration with diafiltration for dairy and fruit juice applications, reverse osmosis of juice streams to boost capacity of juice concentrate lines, ozone generation units and application support and Clean in Place (CIP) units.

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