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Orwak Australia provide waste compactors, balers and crushers.


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29/04/10 - Orwak Australia offer a series of single phase operated in-house compactors reducing mixed wet and dry waste destined for landfill.
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29/04/10 - The comprehensive range of balers from Orwak Australia covers both front loaded and top loaded presses.
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28/04/10 - The well known Brickman presses are part of Orwak’s range of briquette presses for commercial use.
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04/09/06 - MOST production facilities generate several types of waste with an intrinsic value which can easily be retrieved for recycling in many instances. To help sort dry recoverable paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium, and steel products, Orwak offers a r
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Orwak Australia (Head office) Update these details
64 Dening St
NSW 2047
Tel: 02 9819 7681
Fax: 02 9181 5121

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Orwak Orwak Model 4000 Orwak Model 5070

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