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Orthotech  specialises in manufacturing and supplying high quality orthotics to podiatrists in Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South East Asia. Orthotech is a Biomechanical Foot Orthotic Laboratory that manufactures orthotics from Plaster Negatives, Foam Impression Negatives and ScanAny 3D images.

Orthotech manufactures positives and EVA negative orthotics using CADCAM technology. This technology ensures a more accurate device, accurate replication on repeat orders and lifetime digital storage of casts.

The ScanAny System is a non-contact, optical three dimensional foot scanner device that is designed to eliminate messing and time consuming plaster casting. From generating a patient's report to sending data to the orthotic fabrication lab, ScanAny offers complete solutions.

The scanning device is an interactive three dimensional electronic orthotic management system that offers a lightweight, portable, turn-key electronic solution and also offers superior orthotics at cost effective rates. The foot scanner is sturdy and built to last. The ScanAny technology is engineered specifically for podiatric orthotic fabrication.

The scanAny housing is made of strong aluminium, yet weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. The compact design of the foot scanner enables one to carry it easily between rooms or clinics. The foot scanner is smaller than a bottle wine.

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