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Foot ccanning device from Orthotech

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ScanAny, from Orthotech , is a foot scanning device that helps in streamlining the typical casting process. The scanning device is fast and easy to use and helps in reducing time.

The scanning device provides accurate digital casts compared to manual foot replication technique. The ScanAny system is specifically designed for podiatric orthotic fabrication. The lab receives a perfect digital cast every time an order is placed. Accurate measurements are obtained, transmitted to the lab and then programmed directly into the production of the scanning devices.

The scanning device is also lightweight and portable and the housing is made of strong aluminum material yet weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. The compact design of the foot scanner enables one to easily carry between rooms or clinics. The foot scanner is smaller than a bottle of wine.

The ScanAny system is user friendly and will take through each step until completion. ScanAny system does not alter any of the fabrication process and provides the tools to improve processes in the new digital generation.

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