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Orrcon provides tailored Allgal product range for shade industry

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After conducting a comprehensive market research program, Orrcon has tailored its Allgal product range to better meet the specific needs of the shade industry.

A major finding of the research was that Australian shade product manufacturers want a broader range of in-line galvanised pipe and tube products for use in the manufacture of their shade products, said Application Specialist, Lindon Flancbaum.

As a result, Orrcon has substantially broadened its Allgal range, in particular its pipe products to the extent that the Allgal size range now dwarfs the range offered by other Australian manufacturers.

Orrcon has Allgal pipe sizes up to 165.1mm OD and square hollow sections up to 125mm square.

Lindon said the research also indicated that many shade manufacturers need their shade product framework to have an anti-corrosive protective coating and a finish coating such as powder coat.

Normally, hot-dip galvanised steel products possess good corrosion protection but due to the rough and highly inconsistent finish resulting from residue in the zinc bath, hot-dip galvanised products provide a poor substrate for finish coatings such as powder coat, paint or epoxy.

“It is for this reason such products are becoming less commonly used as shade product framework around the country,” said Lindon.

In distinct contrast, Allgal’s zinc coating not only provides sound corrosion protection in mildly corrosive environments, its highly consistent and smooth finish provides the ideal substrate for powder coating.

“As the only steel pipe and tube manufacturer who is a member of ACASPA (the Australian Canvas &Synthetic Products Association), the peak body representing the shade industry, we felt a real desire to better understand our customers within this segment and that’s why we conducted the research,” he said.

“I believe Orrcon now has a far greater understanding of and rapport with shade product manufacturers and their processes, which gives us a real edge over our competitors when it comes to supplying and supporting this industry. The growth in sales of our products into the Australian shade market segment truly reflects this.”

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