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Mobile network servers from Orion Tech Systems

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Orion Tech Systems  supplies Tadpole servers which are mobile and deployable servers capable of running Linux, UNIX and Windows based applications under demanding field conditions. Mobile servers offer security, flexibility and speed and make them ideal for rapid deployment solution for a wide range of applications.

Tadpole mobile servers are highly deployable and mobile network servers that provides full processing power to the users. Compared to other servers, Tadpole mobile servers offer a compact, portable and lightweight solution at reduced prices. Tadpole mobile servers are available in a full range of options and upgrades to meet the most demanding deployment needs.

Orion Tech Systems supplies a complete range of Tadpole accessories to complement the Tadpole products. Accessories include battery pack, optical drive, AC adaptor, Sun co-processor card, hard side case, hard drive, notebook storage cart, keyboard, Sun quad ethernet card, memory upgrade kit, mouse, adapter PC card, disk drive, removable DVD-RW drive, removable CD-Rom drive, external floppy drive, standard carry bag, security cable, power cord, memory upgrade kit and many numerous types of accessories. All accessories meet rigorous standards.

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