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Multicast services from Orion Satellite Systems

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Orion Satellite Systems  offers two Multicast services such as Streaming and Package Delivery. With Orion Satellite Systems, one can provide a Multicast MPEG stream that is received by all sites on a client network simultaneously. Multicast MPEG stream is a live stream and could be generated from a video camera or a video source such as DVD, VCR or other stored media.

Multicast Package Delivery, from Orion Satellite Systems, offers significant cost savings over Frame Relay or DSL for distributing data files to a number of locations. Instead of each location requiring a high-speed link, a single high speed broadcast channel can distribute the file to innumerable sites at the same time. A multicast or broadcast, through Orion Satellite Systems’ network, can be scheduled to deliver the data to all or selected sites on a clients network during off peak hours. This ensures that normal traffic does not suffer congestion.

Orion Satellite Systems has been operating primarily as a reseller of Hughes technology, including the HughesNet VSAT satellite systems and the ongoing bandwidth and services supporting these systems.

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