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Real time tracking solutions from OreTracker Australia

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OreTracker Australia  specialises in providing simple, cost effective and real time tracking and reporting of material movements. The service is suitable for both surface and underground mining operations.

OreTracker Australia assists the business improvement processes by offering real time tracking, controlling and reporting of truck loading and discharge. OreTracker system is easy to operate, deploy and configure and is very cost effective. OreTracke system provides accurate reporting and reconciliation, reduced mis-dump incidents and increased productivity. OreTracker system has been designed with operator feedback and the end-user in mind.

OreTracker system utilises GPS positioning to determine surface location. When the sky view is obstructed or underground, the system looks for radio beacons to establish the mobile location.

OreTracker radio telemetry is provided over overlapping radio cells to provide maximum availability and optimum RF coverage. Cell load balancing, priority queing and pre-emptive transmission ensure that important data gets there when required. OreTracker telemetry has been designed and tested to adjust with the harsh environments inside deep pits and underground. 

OreTracker Australia offers an extensive range of tools to assist in radio planning, field survey and deployment.

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